mission statement

Troupe Therapy is a 501(C)(3) non-profit that co-creates community with teenage youth who struggle with substance abuse, self-harm behaviors, mental illness, and homelessness through exploratory movement, games, dance, and multimedia performance based on proven therapy techniques. In this way, Troupe Therapy provides youth participants with a space to negotiate their individual artistic process and express themselves through choreography design and performance production.

In these spaces, collaboration with peers, as well as with inspiring teachers and local artists, affords youth participants not only improvements in self-awareness, coping skills, and self-confidence but also the opportunity to experience the joy (and difficulties) of working towards a fulfilling goal, all while emphasizing emotions, thought patterns, and the mind-body connection.

Troupe Therapy is present only to facilitate and guide, as youths’ experience of mastery, hope, confidence, and joy determine the direction of their personal and interpersonal growth, allowing them to develop their own supportive community of peers and networked connections that last far beyond the end of our programs. Through this reach, Troupe Therapy is able to collaborate with the Denver community, working towards acknowledging and ending the powerful stigma that surrounds these issues, creating more support and understanding for all members of our community.